Spiritual Spanners started out as my strap-line and then it was suggested that I open an online hub which I first called Soul Mechanics.

However two years on the name of the hub is now Spiritual Spanners and you can book a Zoom call with me to discuss how it might help you via this  link  just click on  the Spiritual Spanners tab.

The hub is a safe place for you to come and connect with like minded people but most of all to connect with the wonderful being within you.

For just £25 pm you will receive:

Daily posts on my account at Patreon

A monthly 121 Zoom call with me where you can spend 45 minutes discussing whatever you choose or have a 15 minute reading and 30 minute discussion.

A monthly Q&A Zoom call where all members are encouraged to join in so that ideas can be heard and bounced around the room - remember each of us will have a different opinion.

The only thing I ask is if you become a VIP (paid member) that you stay within this group for a year. If however you opt for the free option you can come and go as you please but here you will only receive quotes/tasks on a weekly basis.


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