I had suffered with depression from a young age!

I had chosen not to take antidepressants as I didn't like the side effects that they can cause.

After the birth of my daughter in 1990 my depression worsened and my husband thought it would be a good idea for me to drink his home made wine.

Whilst this wine tasted like cordial it was about 17% proof and it did help or should I say it appeared to help!

I had found that it was actually good for me to take my daughter out in her pram everyday the exercise seemed to clear my mind.

I read today after talking to a client that there are seven life changing reasons why alcohol and depression do not mix - wish I'd known that at the time I was mixing it.

My husband's homemade wine was very organic as he used the fruit from the hedgerows and trees, even nettles and dandelion leaves went into the mix!

The one thing we forget is that our depression effects our spouses, family and friends and one evening after a particularly down day for me and a stressful day for my husband we opened the wine once my daughter was in bed!

Neither of us have recollection of what happened except that the following morning I woke with a black eye and my husband with a cut on his head.

That was when we decided the drinking had to stop - imagine pushing a pram with a black eye! Rumours were rife after that as we lived in a small village - not nice!

I still refused to take pills for my illness choosing to go and see a councilor who tied up the causes in boxes in my mind giving me a quality of life!

I still enjoy the odd glass of wine and my depression has finally gone helped back than with the councilor until a situation found those boxes opened.

Depression than haunted me for several more years until I found that magic that I now have in my toolbox (Kinetic Shift)

If you would like to know more about Kinetic Shift you can find it under services on this website or why not have a coffee with me by booking a virtual coffee here.

Caffeine is another substance that can heighten depression as well as several other things and situations can trigger it again I am happy to have a chat at a virtual coffee session!

In this time of pandemic do not feel that you have to turn to alcohol to help for it is itself a sedative and depressive substance instead find someone who will listen to your fears and take control of your life!

I was lucky I gained just a black eye it could have been worse as often the mix results in suicide!







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