Are you spinning to many plates?

If you are unable to keep them all in the air then yes you are!

We are to fond of taking on more than we can cope with as we

Don't want to upset our piers - but stop and think before accepting

Another plate to spin in the air!

We have been blessed with two eyes, two ears and yet only one mouth

And one nose!

Are you seeing what is happening around you, are you listening

Or are you busy talking about or sniffing out the next problem you

Sense coming?

Each person that crosses our pathway is unique so take time to

Observe their body talk, listen to their words and then use your nose/mouth

If you cannot guide these people to the help they need don't take on their problem

We all are spinning plates and do need to know our limitations!

If you would like help in reconnecting than come and have virtual coffee 




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