My own mother always said she would be happy in isolation!

Many of us during the last two years

Have been forced to isolate in a very different way!

For I doubt that many took that time to connect to

That wonderful being within!

Take time today to isolate yourself

To calm your mind through focusing on your breath

(I suggest you breathe in to the count of 7 and out to

The count of 11)

Then set your question and continue to breathe

With awareness of the breathing

Take up pen and paper and start to write

Until 100% that you have come to the end
(normally the end of the page)

Don't think about what you are writing continue

The focus upon your breath until you have finished

Then read what you have written, dot the i's and cross

The t's add those comas and full stops and the read

Again and then take action!

'Me' time isn't selfish!

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