Ace of Wands

How often do you turn down opportunities that don't tick all the boxes?

Those opportunities that you wish a few days/weeks later that you'd taken!

We are all to quick to judge the book by its cover when

If we opened it and read a few pages/chapters we'd not want to put it down!

Look at the card for this reading - really look at it!

What do you see?

I see a branch full of buds waiting to bloom - not a dead branch that it first seems.

And if I were to turn it upside down I'd see roots ready to hold the tree steady!

It is time to stop playing at life friends

To take responsibility for your choices, your actions, your thoughts and your words!

We live in a blame it on anyone kind of world

And only kindness can change this so be kind to those who blame

To those who take the responsibility

But most of all be kind to yourself!








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