I am not a conventional Tarot/Soul card reader preferring to use my intuition rather then text books to read the cards, I have received 99% positive feedback for all my readings and you can see some of this on the testimonial page of this site as well as on Google.  I have also received good reviews for both my talks at networking meetings, my therapy and coaching sessions.

I have experienced many trials and tribulations in my life which spans 6+ decades . At times I did wonder was life worth living; well of course the answer is yes and now that I know that my vocation is to help people by enabling and empowering them through all my services I intend to help as many suffering limiting beliefs/blocks that prevent them from living their life to its full purpose, by reading the cards so that they begin to think for themselves rather than seeking the advice from another, shifting the blocks to give them a clear pathway and to coach them to enable them to see the way forward.

I am a medium and find that my contact with those who have departed this world sometimes acts as an invitation for them to contribute to readings so should you have a full reading do not be surprised if a deceased member of your family pops in to say Hi and to offer their advice.

I do not see myself as anything special but I am privileged to have been able to cultivate the gift that I was born with in order to bring hope, happiness and a little love to people’s lives.

As a Kinetic Shift practitioner I am able to help people shift the blocks that are preventing them from living their life to the full, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and sleep deprivation.

I am an associated member of The Trusted Business Community Association and a host for 4N (a networking association) and a member of See No Bounds, find out more by clicking on the highlighted words.

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