I never felt like a square peg in a round hole when it came to employment, it was at home that I felt the odd one out!

I could continue this blog blaming another for my feeling this way - in truth though it was me!

For years I did blame another and in some way it was true for they were the person who started the journey for me.

The question is are you feeling like that square peg not fitting in at home or work?

I talk openly about my journey when I talk at events and I also talk about balancing those books within and how friends said it wouldn't work!

Yes I am a little 'woo woo' and yet it is that woo woo that got me back on a parallel track because there is a parallel track of ying and yang or negative and positive!

And it is OK to criss cross those tracks as long as we are aware of what is happening.

If you are that square peg - why are you feeling that way?

Are you balancing those books within - mind, body and soul!

Are you nurturing them all or are you hooked on the body and mind as most of us have been raised!

I did warn you that is I am a bit woo and that is because I moved to Wales with a 13 year old - she's 33 next week yikes! It was a work colleague who persuaded me to go to a spiritualist church, it was a medium who started to peel back the layers for me until I suddenly said "I don't like me".

Spirituality is not a religion it is YOU getting to know YOU whereas religion is getting to know everyone else!

That first deck of tarot I purchased via a workshop went into the bin - and yet when I now read them for others I can often take advice for myself!

Kinetic Shift did exactly what it said on the tin and shifted my block!

Experience with counselors left me swimming in a dark pool of depression even though the first one gave me breathing space, the last one left me sinking but if you like to talk over your problems they certainly have their place but that's not me, I remove the scab in one foul swoop not pick at it week after week!

If you are looking for somewhere to dump your burdens why not join The Soul Mechanics an online hub where you can have a mentor, coach, accountability buddy and support from other members! A safe haven that it is said I am a spiritual coach and the link between life and business coaching!

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