Advent traditionally runs from the 27 November to 24 December!

Those who bought a virtual Tarot Advent Calendar however will be receiving a bespoke single card reading in the email inbox through out the days of December a total of 31 cards!

No rushing round for me this year either as I have the presents already indoors for my grandchildren and my daughter took the money to reduce her dog's vet bill.

Mr D and myself will be sharing our present disguised as a trip to Spain.

And now that our anniversary and Mr D's birthday is out the way the holiday will be bliss as it will take us away not only from the hype of the month but the grief that I feel too!

Upon our return I will clear the last bits from my office in Dafen and hand in the keys as all my services are now only available online.

All good things as they say come to an end and we have all been experiencing a time of abundance until the pandemic knocked on the door and seen many businesses closing their doors!

Kay Downie - The Soul Mechanic fortunately isn't one of those as they will once again be opening the doors for their online coaching hub The Soul Mechanics where you can discuss those things that seem to be preventing you opening doors, join in the weekly online meditation circle and much more.

Well that's it from me but don't forget to visit the booking page and my online shop.

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