Thanksgiving is more an American celebration than that of the UK.

Myself I like to practice gratitude on a daily basis and perfectly understand the sentiment behind this American Holiday!

As a child I was of course to say please and thank you even if I didn't like/want what I had been given I was required to give thanks.

It wasn't until recently when I was encouraged to keep a gratitude journal or to at least practice gratitude on a daily basis that I understood why I was to say thank you for what I hadn't wanted/expected!

Today I am grateful for in no particular order:

* For my children, even though their are fully grown, for the worries, joy and tears they bring
* For my cat and his unconditional love
* For my husband believing in me even when I don't believe in myself
* For the foresight my mother had in suggesting we moved to Wales
* For you whoever you are and whatever reason you are reading this blog 

There is many other things that I am grateful for too but I don't wish to bore you!

I will round this off with one request - ask yourself what are you thankful today?


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