Here we are at the end of the seventh month of the year!

2023 is wearing roller skates or has turbot boost not sure which for it seems to no sooner have been January 1st and now we are looking towards August 1st.

For me there has been fun times and of course sad times - times when I have wondered why and times that I have been showered with blessings and no doubt you can say the same!

I have been dubbed Networking Queen as I am so busy attending events with 4N, The Trusted Business Community Association, See No Bounds and FAB! Not only has this been online/face2face networking meetings I have represented 4N at expos and recorded podcasts with See No Bounds whilst renewing my accreditation with TTBCA.

Mr D and I agreed that when we retired (officially I am an O.A.P.) that we would travel we didn't say how or where, which is just as well for I can say I have been traveling within the UK as well as joining him on trips to Spain and other countries.

Of course no matter where I roam I keep up with all my services from reading Tarot/Soul cards, facilitating Kinetic Shift therapies to my online coaching hub. So in truth for me is it any wonder that this year seems to be turbot boosted or wearing roller skates?

I trust that for you it is the same that it is positivity that has created this jump from January to August and that you have allowed yourself room to breathe, to recharge, nurture and to grow just as I have!

I just want to add before I say goodbye that I have places available in my online hub, 4 Virtual Advent Calendars left and of course availability for readings/therapy/virtual coffee!

For now though I just want to wish you good health and that you prosper within your business!

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