Hasn't 2022 gone by quickly?

From January to December how can it be?

I have had those ups and downs as have most of you and yet the year has zoomed past!

Zoomed is probably the right phrase as all services are now available via Zoom calls only!

Having opened my office for face2face meetings two years ago I have found that most of my work takes place online and have therefore given notice and transfigured all my meetings to online.

I accept that online isn't for everyone but I am sure that if I can get my head around technology as I slide towards by 7 decade so can those who truly want a reading, Kinetic Shift Therapy, a virtual coffee or to become part of my on line coaching hub The Soul Mechanics!

For now until the end of December though I have pulled the plug, kicked off my shoes and am relaxing with my husband in Spain!

I do look forward though to working with you once again or for the first time in 2023 and wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Care Free 2023!

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