For years I never thought that I was worthy - I never felt good enough let alone the best but that changed when I shifted the depression that had been a constant companion for approximately 50 years of my life!

How about you do you feel good enough - what does good enough mean?

It will mean something different to each of us, therefore St. Jerome is right when they say that we shouldn't rest until our good is better and our better is best!

Am I at my best 24/7 I hardly think so but I do strive to be better today then I was yesterday and will do the same tomorrow. We are blessed with being able to learn something new each day as well as to revisit lessons learned before, the problem is we are inclined to accept things that don't actually fit and therefore leaving us feeling a little uncomfortable! That square peg in the round hole syndrome!

Now I haven't got the answers to all of your questions and yet I can probably find someone who knows something that I don't to put your mind at rest and that is why Kay Downie's Soul Mechanics exists to allow us all to grow and learn in a place of no judgement and somewhere to find some peace and tranquillity to absorb and to reflect!

I am still striving to make my better better and yet I know that when I am the best that I can be it will be the time when the Universe beckons me home for tea!

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