Lambs a leaping and spring flowers vying for the sun.

19 March we will be celebrating the Spring Equinox!

It isn’t only those beautiful flowers and lambs that are welcoming this season when the nights are drawing longer and the birds are returning home, the bees and the butterflies flit from flower to flower collecting the nectar to take bake to the hives to make some honey!

We are also awakening and becoming more aware of our environment and taking care of ourselves.

The storms will hopefully be fading and the sun will be lighting up the sky.

I know I for one will be pleased to be able to get outside and breathe fresh air after being cupped up in the house, only being able to travel to B from A by car.

Connecting to nature by walking along the shore, in the park or in the woods or along the river bank will enable us all to reconnect to nature allowing us to be grounded and our minds to see more clearly what we want to fill our lives with.

Some will be taking this time to “Spring” clean their home, decluttering and minimizing what makes up their home. Some would call it going back to basics.

Our minds and hearts have been manipulated to believe that we need to fill our lives with goods, are time being productive but what about self-care?

The gardens will be bringing forth an array of fruit and vegetables and when we chose to eat that which nature provides we will find that that surplus weight that we gained during the darker days will soon subside.

After all it has been said “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

I would add to that love for it is love that we all need to make the world go around rather than money that leads to greed!

My ethos is to enable you to love yourself, to take care of yourself and to shift any traumas from now, childhood or simply been passed down to allow a lesson to be learned.

When I read the Tarot/Soul cards you start to think , if any block reveals itself then Kinetic Shift Therapy will send it packing without having to pick the scab.

My online hub will support and encourage you to let go of those things that are blocking you as well as to accept yourself in order that you can make any changes needed.

After all there has been many songs telling us that all that the world needs is love.

I’d love to hear in the comments or by DM what Spring means to you!

I would also love to have a virtual coffee with you to discuss how we can help one another spread the word that what the world needs now is love, sweet love – apologies for the earworm!

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