The time when the meadows are full of corn, cornflowers, buttercups, daisies and more!

When in the UK our clocks spring forward the above crops and flowers are barely showing above the crust of the earth!

We have been so cooped up throughout the winter months that the clocks Springing forward trigger that hope, the knowing that the weather will be getting warmer, the evenings and days longer!

Thoughts turn to picnics, BBQs and those lazy days of summer.

First though there's much work to do!

We have to ensure that the garden and patio are fit for purpose!

Mend the children's outdoor toys for the same reason

Check that the paddling pool, hot tub and swimming pool is fit for those days when the weather allows their use!

What about you are you fit for purpose or are you carrying a few extra pounds

Is your mind focusing upon the negative aspects rather than the positive ones?

2020 took its toil on us all from baby in arms to grandma and grandpa our lives were effected whether we caught Covid or not!

The media seized the opportunity to full our minds with fear!

What do we do stand against it or run or simply just close the front door and wait for the all clear!

Summertime whether it is the season or the clocks springing forward signifies that it is time for change!

There was many changes and much confusion between the clock springing forward and falling back last year and yet we survived!

My thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones, jobs and whose situations changed

Yet again I reiterate we survived!

Remember how easy that first lockdown seemed just over 12 months ago even the second wave wasn't to bad because they were both in summertime! The last one was hard it was winter, Christmas, New Year!

Hope is around the corner with Easter, and warmer times

Are we going to stay confused, disillusioned or are we going to rise like a Phoenix from those ashes

Wear our summer clothes and let are mantra be one of a positive nature

Maybe those holidays will once again be shunted forward and holidays at home arranged

Whatever my friends do not confuse this weekend with the start of Summer

For in truth Spring has just begun!




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