Ready or not we have stepped into 2024!

Some were ready and are already embracing the day!

Others still have a foot in 2023 not ready to let go!

As Queen Elsa sang in Frozen Let it Go!

For unless we let it go we are unable to move on and I know this from first hand!

For 50 years I carried around the previous years where I felt unworthy, in the way and unloved!

Even after being told by two counsellors that my father was a bully I still allowed his behaviour to effect the way I felt about myself refusing to believe that he was a bully after all he was my dad.

Now I know he was a bully even though I don't think it was deliberate he just didn't know any better, he doesn't press my buttons now though for I know that I am loved, I am worthy of being loved and am certainly in nobody's way!

Therefore, I can hand on heart say that I am embracing 2024 day by day, my daughter however, would if she could pull me back to the days when I carried that chip upon my shoulder and walked under the cloud of depression for she cannot accept that people change! Or maybe she just finds it easier as I did to blame someone else for her own short falls!

Of course I never realised and am sure she doesn't either that is what we were/are doing - maybe you are doing it too?

This is no criticism of anyone for we just get used to being that way and accept it as the norm.

This year I decided to have a word for the year and it is CHOICES!

Why did I choose this - it is simply because that's what Kay Downie - The Soul Mechanic offers.

I started this business in 2010/11 by reading Tarot Cards as I was fed up of being told what to think and wanted to give others the opportunity to think for themselves.

After doing this for several years a friend told me that I was counselling whilst reading the cards and that I should qualify as a coach - so I took an NLP course that gave me just that.

I didn't feel that this sat well with my Tarot Card readings and jumped at the opportunity when offered to qualify as a Kinetic Shift Practitioner after my tutor had explained how she thought it would sit better with me.

Of course it did and for approx 8 years I have been offering this therapy to shift the block(s) that stops you from living your life to its full potential just as it opened the doors for me!

Apart from the Tarot Card readings though I still wasn't offering coaching, that is until 2022 when I opened The Soul Mechanics my online coaching hub.

The point for me sharing this with you today is to show that it is never to late to embrace the day whether we do it at the beginning of January or later in the year for we all have choices and deserve to live our lives to the fullest potential.

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