So I am back in Burry Port and what a home coming it was!

No sign of the sunshine that we had been having in Torrevieja, just wind and rain, at least there was no snow to speak of! Talking to a fellow passenger though on the return flight there had been some delays in flights as she was meant to have flow 3 days earlier but all flights to Bristol had been cancelled and the flight we were on to Cardiff was the earliest flight she could find!

That cold and damp is of course not congenial to my aches and pains whereas the sunshine had enabled me to increase my footsteps - I do though plan when it isn't raining to walk around the estate on which I live before having my breakfast or opening my laptop!

Isn't strange how we evolve from being one thing into something else but that of course is life after all we go from being a baby to being a toddler, from a toddler to being at school - and even when we think we have finished our educational years we continue learning in the University of Life!

Here I am transforming from a couch potato to enjoying walking albeit with my walking aid although I am beginning to get around in doors without the rollator and only using my walking stick when I feel the need. I have even invested in shoes for walking and I know that I am standing straighter as my rollator has had to go up a few notches since our visit to Spain.

Next month we plan to visit La Mata a suburb of Torrevieja not for a holiday though this time we are looking to buy an apartment as my hubby agrees that the winter in the UK is not for me - this will not effect my hosting of the 4NRG events nor any of the services that I offer it just means that my body will not be aching and I will feel much better than I do in that cold, damp weather that was waiting to welcome us home!

I would love to see you at one of the 4NRG events and you can book your seat by clicking on the highlighted words

 Mindful Networking  14 March at midday (UK time) again an online event
Welcome to Wales 22 March at midday(UK time) on line
Mindful Networking 28 March (as above)
Tarot Evening 29 March (as above)
Cardiff Bay 31 March a face2face meeting taking place in Ocean Park Brewers Fayre, Cardiff at 8 am

And of course I would love to shift your blocks or give you a reading or have you join my online hub which can be booked by visiting this page.

That is my journey up unto this day I will see you again in April when I will complete what I have been up to during the rest of this month!

Take care and do remember you can also book a virtual coffee by clicking here

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