I was talking the talk yet I wasn’t walking the walk!

Does this sound familiar to you?

We can all talk the talk yet it takes a brave person to lift that anchor and set sail into the unknown!

For fear is our anchor, the knowledge we have the wind and we are the vessel with those sails set and need to choose to let go of that comfort zone and put caution to the wind for did we not set out to learn in order to share?

Of course we did!

I lifted my anchor once or twice and let it sink back down to the mud for the wind changed as fear set in and I believed I wasn’t ready yet!

When are we ready? If we wait for everything to be in place we will wait will we not for hell to freeze over and miss out all that lies in wait!

Is it not better to set sail when the tide and wind are in tune then to wait for our heart to stop pounding?

Lift your anchor my friends don’t let it slip back down!

Grab the bull by the horns so to speak and face the ocean that will bring us to the goal we have set!

The ocean is vast the weather will no doubt change and not always be taking us in the right direction.


We can weather the storm or ride it out yet if we don’t lift that dam anchor all we will see is the harbour empty as others take up the challenge.

Don’t be the last one, be the first if you choose or just go along with the tide enjoying the ride and experience.

We are called the human race and unless we set sail the race will be over without us!

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