I started up writing my blog again towards the end of last year, updating you on what I had been doing and planned to do!

Most of us are now comfortable with 2023, many of you will have broken the new year resolutions that you had made!

I have but one goal and it wasn't created on 31 December when I was raising a glass or two with friends.

My goal is simple and that is to connect with people to encourage and enable them to fall in love with themselves!

I know that you are normally criticised for loving yourself and those words are what probably stopped you from doing so!

We don't have to shake our tail feathers to love ourselves nor shout about it we just need to quietly do it!

I digress for this blog is meant to be about what I have been doing and have planned for the next couple of weeks.

No resolutions broken and the new year started as I knew it would with a meal at home with my daughter and husband.

We didn't celebrate Christmas as my husband and I were in Spain.

Apart from that dinner together we are beginning to see more of our daughter as at the end of last year she changed her job and now has more time to fill - not sure if that is a good thing or not, lol.

Back to me though and what I have done:

January 1st I opened the doors for Kay Downie's Soul Mechanics, my online coaching hub where I encourage and enable you to love yourself.

Over the past couple of weeks I have also booked events where I shall be taking my cards to enable those who choose to have a reading to think for themselves, readings are also available to book online.

I am still very active with business networking attending the meetings I host as well as other established meetings online with 4N, I have even gotten brave and arranged to 4sight (talk) at some of their face2face meetings too! I have also attended meetings run by Zokit, TTBCA and B2B Swansea for this I feel is a great way to let people know that there is a facility available where they can begin to love themselves and where they will be listened to!

Last weekend hubby and I went to Bath for and met up with some friends that we'd not seen since before lockdown - it was great and gave me closure on the life I had had when living there!

We all need closure don't we? We need the freedom to grow and often Limiting Beliefs, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression leading to sleep deprivation and physical pain stops us from doing so and Kinetic Shift can help you to disperse these without having to pick a scab until it bleeds and to continue to do so until the source is reached! You can book a session on the booking page (please not £150 is for one session which is normally enough and is an investment for life).

Apart from looking for 5 more people to join my coaching hub this month I am off on my travels very soon so need to get my mojo up to finishing decluttering at least one room before flying off!

I am beginning to feel comfortable with 2023 and if you aren't then do please book a virtual coffee with me!

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