It is said that there are over 7.8 billion people inhabiting this planet!

And I believe that all are connected for it is the connection, the psyche within us that enables and empowers us after all something done in the UK could have reprocutions in Australia!

For there is always a cause and effect!

That wonderful being within us gets hidden by all the data that we absorb day by day from the day that we are born!

The being is here to learn and to extend the knowledge of the Power that is (God)

Some believe that our subconscious is that being I myself believe it to be something that has a greater understanding of what makes us tick than this.

We are born with a purpose and a blueprint on which to build the best life we can!

Everyday is a classroom with a variety of lessons to learn - these are repeated time and time again until it can be said that we've learned!

Whether you believe you are a human being or a being being human we need to nurture the spirit within with self-care, love and kindness to all (including ourselves) and being grateful that not only do we receive lessons on a daily basis we are offered a chance to erase what has been and replace it with acceptance of what is.

Life is to be lived not endured - start living yours today!



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