There I have said it after all it is December and it is just a few weeks away.

As I sat and thought what to write about this month the song "Happiness" by Ken Dodd popped into my head especially the line where he says about it being different things to different people - for that's exactly what Christmas is - isn't it?

For babies it is a chance to play with paper and boxes no matter what the gift was inside!

Then as they turn into a toddler they often get overwhelmed by all the new toys!

As they reach the teenage years they began to expect to receive what they have hinted at through out the months before and yet are often disappointed as they changed their mind a day or two before!

As they reach adulthood is when things really change for now they have to think of what to buy their partner/child.

We have been encouraged in latter years to wish people Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas - and why not after all there are so many different religious holidays around this time of year!

Christian or not though many do celebrate Christmas and yet what proof have we that the child whose name creates this day was born on December 25th?

I know that my husband hated Christmas as his birthday was only weeks before and he was always bah humbug - it became part of our celebration and the children thought it all an act - maybe it was but now it is me who is bah humbug for a very different reason my mother died just ten days before my sister 6 days after.

This of course is my problem not that of others and I do buy presents for my grandchildren and children - my partner and I decided though no presents for us, instead we go out for lunch or away to warmer climes for the festive season.

In my opinion for what it's worth Christmas is just another day shouldn't we be bringing peace and love to earth everyday?

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays until next year!

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