How can it be that we are saying goodbye to February?

I trust that you have enjoyed this month as much as I have!

It has been cold, it has been wet and yet I have achieved things that I had almost given up on doing!

2020/21/22 seen me become a couch potato hardly leaving the house finding it very difficult to walk and stairs were certainly a no go!

On a trip to Bath I found I had to climb 4 flights of stairs to my hotel room - I had no choice it had to be done and I did it!

So from being a couch potato I had now seemed what to me climbed Everest - this is not on my wish list!

I realised my lifestyle had to change, I would need to reschedule my days to include some exercise!

I decided with my husband that we would go for a walk Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday but this did not work out we had to go as and when we could with the weather and we did.

David otherwise known as the man in the tutu encouraged me to join his accountability hub - which I did and now I record my steps daily sometimes there is only a 100 plus others there is 1000 plus my goal is to reach 5000 steps everyday that I take a walk!

What have you realised these last few weeks - is there anything you need to change?

Today I am typing this with the sun beaming through the window of a flat that we have rented for a couple of weeks and am hoping that my steps will increase as the warmth creeps into my bones!

I love my life I can truly say with having clients for both readings and therapies and my online coaching hub growing!

It's been nearly eight years since I said goodbye to my nine to five job and I have no regrets!

For it was as I retired that the penny dropped in this life it is love not money that is important , love given and received and the greatest love of all is love of yourself!

I still have times when I feel not worthy of doing or achieving something as old habits die hard but I would say that everyday that the love I bestow on myself enables and empowers me to overcome those doubts!

Meditation, reading the cards for my clients seeing their smiles turn upside down when they have experienced Kinetic Shift or merely seeing them start to accept that loving themselves is not selfish but an important part of life!

When I say loving yourself I am not talking about that egotistic feeling of being the cock of the walk it is simply acceptance of who you are, what your purpose in life is and living life accordingly!

I still have to pinch myself to accept that what I know live is what life should feel like, I cannot retract or change anything but I can start to allow my children, grandchildren and of course my husband to say goodbye to whom I was and hello to who I am just as we say goodbye today to February and hello to March tomorrow!

Today may or may not be the end of your journey - who knows? I hope though if you are reading this you can accept that you are worthy, you are loved and life truly is worth living!

My plans for March is to host more business events for 4NRG, to increase the membership within my online hub, to have a deck of tarot cards created for me and to start selling some merchandise on the website but the best time of all the coming days will be spending time with people who get me, love me and accept me just as I accept myself for who I am!

You can join me at the following events:
Tarot Evening  1 March an online event commencing at 6:30 pm (UK time) 
 Mindful Networking  14 March at midday (UK time) again an online event
Welcome to Wales 22 March at midday(UK time) on line
Mindful Networking 28 March (as above)
Tarot Evening 29 March (as above)
Cardiff Bay 31 March a face2face meeting taking place in Ocean Park Brewers Fayre, Cardiff at 8 am

Simply click on the highlighted words to book your place at any of the events whilst the Tarot Evening is for everyone the others are for business owners or those who represent a business or maybe starting up in business!

Full readings, therapies or to join my online coaching hub visit this page 

I will update you on the success of my meetings and what life has presented me with next time 



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