I have been and I guess I always will be a square peg but I have long stopped trying to fit that round hole!

Life is to short to try and please everyone so I gave up many years ago and now am quite comfortable in that square hole with like minded people around me!

For those who don't know who I am - I am me, a being being human but that wasn't always the case!

I had been a Sunday school attendee as a child, a Sunday school teacher as a mum. A Born Again Christian and yet I never fitted in and that was because I didn't need a building and rules to tell me how to live my life, my temple was within me and I knew right from wrong although I didn't always show it!

These days people know me as Kay Downie - The Soul Mechanic and that I can help them to think whilst reading Tarot/Soul Cards, shift their limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, PTSD and ease the pain of Fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnoea with the KInetic Shift therapy that I use.

I also a people watcher but hey hang on I missed something out and that is my online hub, here I unite my skills and my traits and allow you to be your own square peg and to create your own hole where you can feel comfortable and think clearer as you use me as your accountability buddy, coach/mentor.

As a member of the hub you gain entry into a weekly meditation group which is also open to the public, gain knowledge from my posts in a private Facebook Group, have regular monthly 121s with me as well as a group Q&A session!

As a people watcher I have observed how people seem to be able to buy the latest phone, that coffee with a friend and yet are reluctant to invest in themselves.

You can buck this trend as a member of the hub as the payment is no more than a weekly coffee and cake.

If you would like to know more you can knock on my door (by visiting www.kaydownie.co.uk/book) and join me for a virtual coffee

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