Journaling is a great way of getting your thoughts out of your head!

And I know keep a gratitude journal which I thought might be of interest to you too so I am going to start posting on this page every month on different things that I have been grateful for!

This week I am grateful for all my coaches from Caroline Andrew-Johnstone who not only coaches me but works with me too as her Spiritual Coach!

Caroline is the MD and largest shareholder of 4N, a membership organisation for networking both on and offline! And also runs a business coaching me and others on networking hacks/skills!

Sheena Whyatt who is the business coach for Caroline in both her coaching business and 4N!

Taz Thorton and Asha Clear Water who are both my Spiritual and Content guides.

There are many things that I am grateful besides my coaches!

My husband who facilitates my networking events, my readings and my therapy sessions as well as my online coaching hub!

This week I am also truly grateful to Steffi Andrews for the headshots she has taken.

Carl Ford my accountant for spending time in explaining how to tie direct debits received to my bank account.

Kirsty Hall who takes care of some of my social media posts!

Brad Burton and Pippa Whitfield for the work behind the scenes at TBNS where I will be exhibiting.

But most of all guys I am grateful for your support for without you booking readings, therapy or joining The Soul Mechanics my business would be up the creak without a paddle.

Soon there will be more news but for now that’s me done – life is for living not working so off to have some fun (helping others find their spiritual path)

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