Can you believe it we are over half way through October?

This month my gratitude has to be for my husband!

This man has been my rock since I first met him way back in 1989!

He took on the package of me and my then 8 year old son!

That little boy is now in his forties with a little sister in her thirties!

He's been there for us all guiding and protecting us,

Always there with a kind word when needed!

This month was no different for when our little girl came for advise 

It was given in such away she had to make up her own mind!

We are very grateful that she chose to step away from a job she'd had for 15 years!

Why? Well she was in retail now she's got a regular day job with evenings and weekends free!

And maybe just maybe she will now meet someone and settle down even add to the number 

Of grandchildren that we have!

On another note I am grateful to my husband for taking me off to sunnier climbs to rejuvenate 

And to allow my bones to feel some warmth!

He was there with a cwtch this month too when I heard about two people passing!

One a dear networking friend who turn the negativity of having a stroke into a positive vibe 

As he shouted loud and clear about stroke awareness - how grateful I am for meeting this gentleman!

The second was a little closer to home as on returning home I learned of the passing of my father's younger sister!

Just twelve years my senior it brings it home how little time we truly have and how we need to make the most of each moment!

I am also grateful that in this month Mother Nature shows us how easy we an let go!

How many of us do though?

If you get the chance do look at the other pages of this website maybe even book a virtual coffee and find out for yourself about having a reading can make you think, a Kinetic Shift session can remove those doubts, anxiety depression and much more and maybe think about joining The Soul Mechanics and learn to become more aware of each living moment.

I wonder what next month will bring for me to be grateful for!

Of course it goes without saying I am grateful for the time you took to read this!

Kay Downie - The Soul Mechanic

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