Having lived almost 7 decades on this planet I have learnt that life doesn't always dish up what we wish.

Today whilst holidaying in Spain I received a phone call to say my father had had a TIA (mini stroke) there was nothing I could do, two adult children back in the UK rallied together and found that he was still at home and although his coordination wasn't 100% his speech was no different.

A situation of course beyond my control and yet thanks to my kids I will be kept in the picture - so all I can do is suck it up and continue!

This is just the latest for it seems that the universe will cause my father to fall or have something go wrong when I am away the worst being about 12 years ago when I was on a weekend break in the UK which we'd decided to take using the train! A phone call around midnight to say that he'd come of his bike, fractured his skull, eye socket and ribs, once again my daughter was my knight in shinning armour for I couldn't get home until the next day - it must have been an awful shock for her as she was only in her early 20's but like me she sucked it up did what was needed, met me off the train in Cardiff and took me to the hospital.

Back in the late 70's whilst watching the news at lunchtime I learned how my first husband was suspected to have drowned - no sympathy or empathy form my then husband so I had to suck it up and get on with it!

These are just a a few of those suck it up and see moments another was my son deciding I wasn't his mother and walking out of my life for 10 years - I am glad to say he did walk back about 5 years ago but in the meantime it was suck it up and get on with it.

It is very true what they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and with the strength that I gained I am able to have compassion and empathy for members of my online hub and clients who choose to have a reading or Kinetic Shift - as I read earlier no path is easy, we all have to eat dirt at some point along the way!

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