Whilst we like to think that we are truly authentic - this is something that we all strive to be and yet we are always not quite there if you know what I mean!

I know that for years I wore one when I stepped through the door of the building where I worked it would go on and I would become the confident person ready to face the day that awaited. As I left the building the mask would slip and the doubt, the depression and the feeling of dread would set in!

I suspect that this relates with many who are reading this and I am glad to say that today I am as authentic as I can be for the moment for after all who knows what tomorrow may bring and I may well have to mask my feelings as I greet my clients and friends and that is OK!

Each day I am grateful for the choices I have made that have brought me to this point in my journey and after all it is said to fake it until you make it - I did that back in the day!

Old habits die hard yet they can be changed and today my daughter no longer asks her dad why did he marry me as I was such a horrible person! His faith, his insight and love has helped me to develop my truth and true identity which he'd glimpsed for a moment back in the day!

Back in the day, a place where we were who we were - today is who we are today! I am glad to say that a light bulb moment sent all my darkness away but that's not to say that I don't experience sadness, that I don't miss family and friends from back in the day it just means I accepted that as I moved on some drifted away whilst there were those who had no choice than to leave me to make room for new members to join - back in the day there were consequences just as there are today.

I of course miss those who have departed this world as their journey came to an end but I also thank them for being part of my journey enabling me to become who I am today - I am Kay Downie, approaching my seventh decade with a smile on my face something I never had back in the day!

Here's to tomorrow when once again I can look back to back in the day!

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