I have been home from Spain for two weeks now, how I long for those rays!!

I had a ball in Spain again walking on average 5-6 miles a day!

Home now though to typical Welsh weather - mind you without that weather we wouldn't have the lush green hills!

I returned to work on the Wednesday by travelling up to familiar territory and helping out at an Expo.

The Thursday seen me at a photo shoot and then the Friday I had a scare as missed a turning and the Sat Nav took me up a steep mountain road - from which I returned home shaking!

I went to bed early thinking it was just the shock from the experience yet I stayed asleep all day Saturday, Oh no!

Yes I had the lurgy!

Luckily for me it was a bank holiday weekend just like this one is for I slept most of Sunday too!

Monday I felt much better and was glad for I was speaking at a network meeting in Nottingham!

But I wasn't truly well, I left my phone charger at home, phone died and I got lost arriving an hour later than I should have but hey I made it and my talk went down well!

However I had to cancel all my meetings for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday my chest is tight, it hurts when I breathe and don't mention that cough that shakes me to my knees!

Well it is another bank holiday and hopefully I will catch up on chores etc leaving the slate clean for next week's appointments!

Would I change things not at all for lessons were learned that's for sure and that is all we can hope for as the camera shutter closes and opens for the next frame life goes on doesn't it?

Come and a have a virtual coffee or join my Soul Mechanics and see how whilst life feels the same it is constantly changing!

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