The official start of winter!

October brought us the colours of Autumn and me a holiday!

Winter whilst I love the crisp mornings I don't like the cold and damp!

For arthritis loves to bathe in sunshine and warmth.

Winter though can knock upon my door this month with my dad turning 90, and the sun of Spain having warmed my bones!

Another holiday is booked for Christmas to top up that warmth and Vitamin D!

November is full of Wellbeing/Christmas Fayres for me to take my Tarot/Soul Cards so that I can enable and empower you to think for yourself and to just be you!

Yesterday I said goodbye to my aunt - who was more like a sister with just 12 years between us!

It was a happy occasion as we celebrated her life, obviously tinged with sadness but this was the first time in over 40 years that my generation had gotten together!

There were photos of my aunt's life and I was surprised how many of them myself and my parents were in.

Three cousins came together yesterday of which I am the elder.

My aunt's son has been married nearly 30 years and yet I had never met his wife or his children.

I wonder if the promise made will be met and that we will keep in contact for soon it will be just us three - there are more cousins who have chosen to move away to distance themselves from the family and I must admit I would have counted myself as one of them!

This month is opening doors for new beginnings for me for sure yesterday confirmed that for me!

I am of course going to be helping those who have chosen to be part of my online coaching hub to open doors too and would love that to be you , you can join by emailing me at [email protected] or going to the booking page and booking your place there!

November may sound to be a cold and frosty month bringing with it that damp and cold but this year I will be seeking warmth and sharing it around.

I will talk about my activities more in the next November blog!

Kay Downie  - The Soul Mechanic



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