I am sat here thinking about when did I last blog and was surprised to find it was in May - where has that time gone?

Well first off there was a trip up to the Lake District - that is now ticked off our bucket list. We stopped off at Leeds on the way home to spend the night with friends, quick visit to the brother-in-law and the home!

That trip though wasn't all the travelling for me as I visited Nottingham and Tamworth for two different networking meetings.

Then came July, a visit from my son and family, a birthday and expo - so that is where the time is going and yes a little bit for me!

I have not yet finished with my travels as I am off up to Bristol next to speak at a network breakfast and to visit my son and family. There's only a few days left in July and they seem pretty booked with my being asked to be a guest on various podcasts and household chores to be tackled and then of course it will be August!

My daughter's birthday month so I'd best find some time to get her a gift and to share sometime as mum!

When do I fit in the clients you may well ask - well my services are available for all and I do pop into my coaching hub on a daily basis!

That's me for today as I cannot think of anything else and have things to do with the time I have so catch up with you all very soon!

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