Whilst we know that February has been the month that this celebration has taken place who St Valentine was is shrouded in mystery!

It is believed that February 14th was designated to honor this saint as an effort to "Christianize" the Pagan festival of fertility known as Lupercalia dedicated to Faunus the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to Romulus and Remus.

Why do we associate it with love?

Whilst the original Lupercalia festival dates back to about  A.D.270 it wasn't until the middle ages that romance and love became connected for whilst the Pagans used the festival to pair up the bachelors of the villages with the available female population, it was in the Middle ages that France and England connected the time to that of mating birds.

Cupid is often portrayed shooting arrows through the hearts of those who should be betrothed.

It was in the 18th century that the sending of cards became popular as the sending of mail cheapened and it was therefore easier to send the cards anomalously!

Pre-printed cards are now readily available in shops and online and one can even said an E-card!

It is believed that more cards are sent out at this time than at Christmas!

Commercialization has taken over the theme and now in truth it has little meaning and yet can leave one feeling empty, and alone as no card or gift is given.

Self-love is how we can heal for are not each of us worthy of that gift, that card and of love?

No matter what the age or even if another loves us greatly we can often feel lonely and unloved!

This is when we need to self-love, to take time to care for ourselves not by popping off to the hairdresser, Spa or such like but by truly loving ourselves without conditions or boundaries!

For when we can look in the mirror and say (your name) I love you then the magic will begin for the spark will ignite such feelings as we've never experienced before!

I have found true love twice in my lifetime and yet never appreciated it until I began to love myself now that love is no longer taken for granted and my life is truly bliss!

It will take time for that love to be ignited it is not an overnight fix!

To speak to yourself as you would to a lover though brings you peace of mind and in time there no doubt will be another heart entwined!

Valentine's Day - Self-Love Day call it what you wish!

Love is the key to every door and is bountiful in its giving as well as in receiving!




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