The custom of dancing around the maypole with plaited ribbons was introduced in 1889 by Professor John Ruskin for his student teachers at Whitelands College, Roehampton and is still practised today. The weaving of ribbons around the maypole became popular throughout the country. There is similar traditions through out Europe!

Why have I chosen to share the custom of the Maypole quite simply because it is a dance that weaves a pattern as the dancers dance around the pole.

Isn't that what we do whilst living our life? Weave a web that we accept but isn't necessarily the true image of who we are?

This day and age we live in such a drip fed society that we are accepting things that are then woven into our lives hence the web of acceptance.

Whilst reading for someone today I said that they were a human vacuum cleaner cleaning up those problems/lessons others had left behind and shying away from their own! They responded with a thank you but they couldn't accept this - and yet when I asked them to think about when was the last time they focused upon their own problems and why that was - they were able to relate.

A had a client tell me after a Kinetic Shift session that they felt everyone should have a session whether they thought they needed one or not as it made her feel so good about herself!

As you all have probably heard April was the month we were asked to focus upon stress and May is Mental Health month!

Mental Health is not an illness it is a state of mind and we all of it whether we accept it or not for doesn't everything start within the mind?

Maybe it is time to unravel that web of acceptance to find the origin of why just I looked up the origin of the Maypole and its ribbons.

Are you accepting of you or are you just part of the web of acceptance?

Is it not time to sit and unravel the web?

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