These need to be used with care for it is not what is said rather it is what is heard!

This doesn't matter whether we are speaking to another or to ourselves with our thoughts!

Words can be as sharp as any sword!

And can feel like a bullet through the heart!

We absorb the written word as much as the spoken word and forget that the media is sold up on negativity for drama sells papers, draws people to content better than positive news!

When we choose to ignore the drama of these platforms and work from a kind/loving heart choosing words of a positive nature we can start to open the door to a world full of love, laughter and joy instead of one covered with blood from the heart of those who stood up against negative behavior!

A word by itself can be harmless yet put with another the character of the word changes for example blue is a calming colour and Monday a day of the week when put together they change the way that you feel for instead of uplifting it indicates a day of defeat.

A word can evoke feelings even when standing alone - red for example can mean passion which in turn can mean love or anger!

We need to think before speaking we need to release our thoughts to the universe before heeding!

Self-care, self-love and self-respect should be the basis of our thoughts, words and even deeds for when we have love for ourselves, respect ourselves and care for our mind, body and soul others will learn to respect, love and care for us too!

Lets fill those poppy fields with cornflowers, buttercups and daisies too let mankind show that they are in sync with the universe and that freedom is the word that they speak in whatever disguise they choose!

Words are powerful don't give them more by allowing them to take power from you!

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