Had an excellent online reading and felt really good after. Everything was so true to what is going on in my life right now and what direction I should carry on in. Thank you.

Helen Frances Tossell, Swansea

You are truly gifted.. amazing!

Sarah, Swansea - online reading July 2017

Thank you Kay for my reading. It has given me answers and direction that I was needing. I do not have anyone with your insight to talk to so am extremely grateful.

Paula, USA

I had a wonderful insightful reading from Kay today. I received direction to help me in creating positive action in my life and work. I especially appreciate the connection with a special friend who is now in spirit. Unfortunately, I do not live nearby to hear Kay speak in person, but will definitely continue connecting thru her website. Thank you Kay.

Paula, Texas 7.12.17

Thank you so much for such a detailed accurate reading. Would highly recommend your services to anyone considering a reading. Hope to see you again soon.

Andrea, Swansea, July 2017

Oh Wow! Thank you. Its all so accurate. I will start thinking of number one. Thank you very much.

Marie, Facebook competition winner April 2016

You were very accurate of how my life is and narrowed me down very well. I shall be recommending you to people because you know nothing about me yet it seemed scarily accurate!

Ian, Somerset

Everyone is the product of their experiences – I saw Kay deliver an extraordinary talk yesterday that invoked all the emotions in turn. We ran the whole gamut and the audience were very thoughtful afterwards no doubt wondering about their own lives and feeling grateful for them.

Bob, 7th Nov 2017

Kay is an emotive & powerful speaker – she shares her deepest darkest experiences freely with her audience to illustrate her struggles with depression. She now speaks from a place of stillness & realisation of her own self-worth – the “black dog” is in his place and she is at peace with her life. If you get at chance to hear one of her talks then grab it with both hands!

Caroline, 10th Nov 2017

Brilliant event in Ebbw Vale yesterday we had a lot of business from it, a great crowd of people at the event, and well attended. Highly recommended

Sarah UW, October 2017

Heard her talk this morning and it was powerful stuff and very emotional. Great story, well delivered covering a ‘taboo’ subject in a very personal way. A talk not to be missed!

Steve 9th, Nov 2017

I was in the audience to see a powerful and emotional talk delivered by Kay.Thought provoking it certainly proved to be. But also showed that there is light at the end of even what seem to be the longest of tunnels.

Marcus 8th Nov 2017

Thank you, Kay. Your reading was very helpful and made me see sense when I was getting myself into a mess because I could not see the way forward. You had all the answers to the questions that have been giving me sleepless nights for some time now. Many thanks Janet


Kay is absolutely amazing. She was so in depth in my reading back in Oct of 2017. Just as she said my soulmate came back. I enjoyed the whole reading and I have just received another reading yesterday 3/21/28..highly recommend contacting her.. Thank you Kay

Michelle - Massachusetts

I host a local networking group for Women In Business. It’s all though South Wales. I booked Kay for our last meeting! Her talk was so empowering and inspirational in a quietly confident way. No preaching, no telling , jsut Kay sharing her story. There were a few tears after it. Kay helped us all understand Depression- Jackie

Network Group

Had a reading with Kay tonight she was really good and help me a lot will recommend her to anyone

BT Wales

Shell Williams


Kay is an absolutely amazing woman of action. She is constantly helping other people succeed, is full of daily inspiration and has a vivaciousness for life. Her personal journey is very moving, yet she’s willing to help others through theirs. She’s a phenomenal speaker, event manager and now works very closely with us at Mum Academy as our lead Ambassador. I can highly recommend her enthusiasm and joy, it’s infectious. Keep being you Kay

Shell Williams Mum Academy

Others can be found at www.provenexpert.com/kay-georgina-downie/d9kt/

“Kay thank you for your explanation of my two cards which have been accurate especially about the financial situation. I like the way you said that money is “Just energy” which I never would have thought about it that way but it is a good description of describing money. I will keep you in mind for anyone I know who may like a tarot reading to recommend you. Sandia Taylor”

These are just some of the testimonial received

‘Whist researching different approaches to removing limiting subconscious beliefs, a series of coincidences and synchronicities lead me to Kay and learning of her training in ‘Kinetic Shift’ hypnotherapy. Within minutes something had shifted and released and the feeling of relief was overwhelming. I was so pleased to find the technique doesn’t involve any delving into the past and trying to work out where the belief came from in the first place, rather it just removes the emotional charge producing a feeling of freedom and calm. Kay is understanding and straight to the point and I highly recommend her Kinetic shift therapy.’


“Had Kinetic Shift with Kay yesterday – so simple yet effective. Feeling positive and uplifted now about my new business venture as was suffering from a blockage relating to finances – the only way is up now. Thank You Kay xx”

C C from Llanelli

Thank you Kay, I have already received a reading with you some months ago and you have been so accurate. For the last year my life has been so busy and demanding,I went for a reading with Kay and ten out of ten ! I really didn’t know where to go from where I was,Kay took off the blinkers for me,and helped me to see my way onward without telling me – the decision was mine. Yesterday I needed guidance as life was getting demanding and I was “smothering” under all my own life pressures,I couldn’t sleep at all,it was making me I’ll. For the first time in months last night, I slept when I got home in my armchair and then off to bed and slept soundly all night getting up at around eight a.m. it’s the latest I’ve slept in years !!! God bless you Kay and thank you. Kay is so caring and genuine and I highly recommend her every time,

Janet Palethorpe

Wow kay is so gifted !highly recommend her energy shifting i could feel the vibrations and I feel so much lighter and happy thank you kay ❤

J C 18.9.19

I have just spent a fabulous 20 minutes on chat with Kay Downie I have not felt so uplifted in a long time !!! Thank you so much Kay you are a fantastic person and I’m so grateful. I highly recommend you book in for a session with her you won’t regret it . I feel I can do anything now !!!!!

Jain 1.11.19

I have been in touch with Kay for just over a month now and I have had consistent help for various things in my life,stress, anxiety, depression,and I’m finding it very helpful ,I find Kay to be a caring person and Easy to communicate with . I’m very grateful for her help I’ve a bit of way to go but I’m assured that I will get there with Kay’s help ,and effort

Sharon Scotland

I think this was one of the best things I have found that Kay’s a down to earth lady. whose open and welcoming and who is very experienced and knowledgeable in all of these areas and also has other contacts in other spiritual thus enabling to meet all your needs. Kay is very approachable and extremely helpful in her manner and easy to talk to. The circle I attended is fabulous, everyone there makes you feel welcome and and relaxed. I received great guidance did fun, enjoyable interesting tasks and there is a range of different spiritual techniques also was informed of forthcoming community events. I left Kay’s circle comically charged, and in the case I need any support before next circle I can drop in onto the online circle which is great. Job well done Kay & all the other members


Kinetic shift online, Kay was amazing. Although I wouldn’t have said I was anxious to begin with, it was clearly in my body. Once she had completed my treatment I felt calm and light. The pains in my shoulders and neck had gone. She also provided a method for me to help myself when I find I’m getting anxious. I can not praise her enough. Dec 17 2019


The reading brought a load to the surface but was a excellent reading made me realise what had to be done and what I can achieve

Smith Jan 2020

Saw Kay undertake some public speaking today, and was blown away. The growth I’ve seen in her as a person since first meeting her is incredible, and she clearly knows her stuff about tarot. Clearly a person who cares about her clients!

Google Review 9 January

Kay Downie great reading thank u so much 100% would recommend can take all from the reading what a great lady and reader u are

Jenny 12 Jan

Kay Downie oh my god thank you so much that is so spot on. I have been writing things down and hopefully these will become plans for my future in my career. Thank you again fabulous as always.


Amazing reading, wonderful person, very patient and kind. The reading was spot on

Jones C Jan 2020

Amazing reading, wonderful person, very patient and kind. The reading was spot on

AP Jan 2020

Kay was welcoming and her reading for me was spot on and the guidance was very apt for helping me moving forward. I didn’t feel rushed and the information given was exactly what I needed. Would definitely see her for another reading in future.

S U 20.2.2020

I would just like to say a big thank you to Kay downie. For her help in helping me to get a good night’s sleep Kay you were amazing once again thank you xx

CW West Wales 19 April 2020

I would highly recommend Kay, she is very good at what she does and is a lovely genuine person. Thank you so much for helping me Kay xx

Lisa O 27 April 2020

I had a mini reading off Kay past present and future today. I can honestly say she was very accurate with her cards. And I’ve never seen her and she knows nothing about me, but the past present and future were so unbelievable I’m still gobsmacked a few hours later . Will definitely be having another reading and I will highly recommend x thank you Kay

JP Pembrokeshire 30.4.2020

“On Monday I posted I was really struggling mentally and with Anxiety a great lady and member of the group advised she could help me with my Anxiety.Being a bloke and always sceptical when an offer of help is offered I didn’t know what to expect but after speaking to Kay Downie I gave kinetic therapy a try and have to say bloody amazing no anxiety since I still take my medication but feel brilliant sorry about rambling but once again thanks Kay.”

Mark 9.5.2020

My wife and I both had a reading from Kay and were blown away with how accurate they were. they’ve given us a great deal of comfort and clarity!! thank you so very much Kay xx

LM 10.5.2020

I really enjoyed my session with Kay. She brought up a lot of things I have been thinking about for some time, which was the perfect combination of reassuring and challenging!

LC 18 May 2020

Thank you Kay, what an amazing and insightful session, it uncovered things that I knew I needed to concentrate on and encouraged me to reconnect with some blue sky thinking. I highly recommend Kay and think everyone will benefit from a reading with her, thank you again Kay and well done

KG Linkedin 26 May

I had a live tarot card reading with Kay via Zoom followed by an oracle reading and it was very informative and gave me clarity. Thank you Kay.

Z W 30.6.2020 Google

Very inspiring and apt readings everytime I join Kay’s meetings!

CL 1.7.20 FB

I love your teachings and techniques – I have not pulled out nor have I lost faith in myself – nearly did – but by following your advise and your voice I picked up. Its been very hard – like its been for most everyone – and by reminding myself of that and here’s the glue that kept me strongly attached to everyone was your voice and comments from our friends who belong in the group – so strong. Ive cried many times and healed at the same time too,then I remember we are all in this together,and I am only a small part of a very large group – but we matter, we all work much better as a whole,amazing thing is tho – the strength from us for us to heal or to take part in our learnings gets stronger each time and had it not been for you Kay – none of the above would never have happened. x

A Meditation Student 17.7.20

Had a Kinetic shift session with Kay to help relieve the pain in my hip. Fabulous!! I now use the tools Kay gave me and my hip pain has massively decreased. Would definitely recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

JY Facebook 19 July 2020

Just had the most accurate and In depth tarot reading with Kay. Massive help for me to clear old problems and get clarity on life going forwards both business and personal.A beautiful warm and positive session. I felt great afterwards. Thankyou so much Kay.

GE via Facebook 25.7.20

As well as becoming a good friend I have found Kay to be resilient and straightforward both in her approach to her work and life. She is honest in her readings and prefers to give guidance and support to her clients. Her interpretation of the Tarot cards is both useful and insightful, giving clarity and focus on life situations which is uncannily accurate. Her skills in this and her other areas of interest such as Kinetic Shift are highly recommended. I have also attended many of her events which are always well organised with very interesting stalls and participants – she ensures all details are in place and well advertised plus she raises lots of money for selected charitable causes. Kay is very generous of heart and cares deeply for others which comes through in her work.

CG LinkedIn 3.8.2020

Thought provoking graphic Kay. Speaking as a square who thanks to talking to you has gone off to find my square hole


ZS Linkedin & Google 13.5.21

I did Soul Card/Angel Cards reading with Kay. Such an amazing session, a very insightful and unusual experience, highly interactive and engaging. Certain things truly got me thinking and it's nice to get some guidance as to where I am currently from the guides/angels. I will most likely be coming back to try other variations in future too.

TW Google 22.5.21

Kay was very welcoming. Myself and my sister had a positive and enjoyable reading. A
lot of our questions were answered. We have come away from this positive and very happy . Thanks again Kay lots of love .


Email 21.5.22

Hi Kay, we’ve noticed a big difference in our son today, not sure what you’ve done but it seems to have worked.
Much appreciated

Linkedin 24.8.21

Kay you are such an inspiration and such an amazing soul and your knowledge and readings and mental shifts are incredible. I am so thankful for you! YOU have a gift that is so special and everyone should talk to you for 30 minutes. You are a person inside and out that is beautiful and during times of concern and despair your Faith and love and knowledge is a refreshing statement. Thank you for all you do! M J-Z

Linkedin SC 27 August 2021
I have known Kay for a number of years now and have the utmost respect for her and for what she has achieved. As with anyone who is good at what they do, there has been a struggle, but Kay has always strived to be successful at what she does, she's achieved this by never giving up and believing in what she does. I attended one of Kay's courses and found her to be a great teacher. She's supportive and encouraging, which gives you confidence in yourself. Thank you Kay for being a source of inspiration.

Tracy September 2021 email

On 13th of September I had appointment with Kay for Kinetic Shift. Arriving very nervous and anxious, that was soon short lived as Kay put me at ease. The session was more than I could hope for. Kay gave me the tools and strength to deal with anything. I found it easy to open up to Kay about my worries. And I've come away from the session feeling positive. Many thanks Kay and much love Tracy


Amanda Linkedin 23 October

Kay read my cards at a networking event yesterday. It was so close to the truth that there were a few open mouths in the room and a few goosebumps. I would recommend Kay if you're interested in a reading, she's spot on

_____________________________________________________________________________________Dan Dan Linkedin 9 November
I recently attended a networking meeting where Kay did a fantastic presentation where she carried out live tarot readings for the attendees at the meeting. It was fantastic, and such a brilliant experience. She is exceptional at what she does and highly recommend her


Carl Linkedin 16 November

Kay did a reading for me in early 2021, this was my first ever reading so I was obviously cautious and a litle sceptical. However, out of the reading Kay highlighted something that she would never have known and then made 2 predicitons about future events. Now as 2021 draws to a close I can confirm that both of those predictions have come ot fruition and I'm delighted. Kay has such a lovely manner and hear knowledge is incredible, so insightful and intuitive.

I highly recommend Kay.


Sean Google 16.12.21

Booked Kinetic Shift Energy session with Kay and it was amazing. Straight away I felt elevated and the situation that was holding me back, taken away. I feel as if a heavy weight has been taken off my chest! Get in touch with Kay and let her help you move forward!

Karolyn Yell 14.12.21

Fabulous just give it a go
I had a soul card reading with Kay earlier this year and absolutely loved it. Kay is so friendly and approachable and immediately made me feel comfortable. We spent an hour together and I found it to be time very well spent. It gave me clarity and assurance about several aspects of my work and personal life. I shall definitely be back for another reading with Kay.

Zara Google 22.12.21
A great professional service. Sincere and endearing ❤️
I felt safe and received directions for my journey
Thank you


Claire left this review on Facebook  after purchasing/receiving her 2021 advent calendar

I signed up to Kay's tarot advent calendar and it was really insightful, made me really think on certain days and on others when I was unsure it was just the card and message I needed to see


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