Angela Lester Google 26.4.24
Had a reading at a recent expo. Kay was really lovely, and what a reading it was. I was brought to tears at one point and experienced many goosepimple moments. I will be putting the advice into action for sure. Thank you Kay.
Rob Thomas Linkedin
Kay has a calm, kind and empathetic demeanour. Insightful and perceptive. A lovely lady and great at putting you at ease I thoroughly recommend Kay
Tammi Townsend - Linkedin
I can’t thank Kay enough for her help recently. The work she does is invaluable and has really really helped me to work through some really difficult things. She is both professional and kind. Her compassion is front and centre and really helps to put you at ease. There is still more work to be done but I also know things are going to change! I’ve tried many things over the years. None of them have had as quick a result as Kay’s work has. And where there may still be work to do, for me personally, seeing changes as quickly as I have gives me hope. Kinetic shift isn’t something I was aware of until I met Kay. It’s a different way of thinking. And it’s a different form of ‘therapy’. But it really does work. I highly recommend a chat with Kay to see how she can help you!
Taz Thornton Linkedin
I had a card reading session with Kay and I really enjoyed our time together. Kay showed knowledge, care and compassion and her interpretation of the cards left me feeling calm and confident. Time and money well spent. I'm more than happy to recommend Kay's services.
Director @ reThink PR & Marketing
Thank you so much Kay! You were excellent!!!
Laurie Stjostrom (Linkedin)
Kay provides an experience that is warm and supportive.
Debs Carey (Linkedin)
I'd never heard of Kinetic Shift before I met Kay, but I took the time to get to know Kay - and it became clear that hers were a truly safe pair of hands. I'd no idea what to expect, but wasn't worried, because I felt at ease putting myself into Kay's hands and committed fully to the process. It's been a few weeks now, but the darkness that I've lived with since my childhood has lifted. I'm not saying that I don't ever feel low or experience negative emotions, but I can now see my way past them, and feel I'm dealing with them on equal terms. I've long been body aware, and know those places within my body where I carry negative emotions. But since I've been shifted - I no longer feel those physical manifestations of my darkness. What can I say other than I am so grateful to Kay. If you are seeking a method to deal with depression or anxiety weighing you down, I highly recommend you engage Kay for Kinetic Shift therapy.
Pippa Whitfield (Linkedin)
Kay is one of those people who notices everything, the smallest of detail that others may miss. She is consistently supportive of others, in fact I would go so far as to say the most supportive person I have ever met from networking! Always looking for a way to help others, so it’s no wonder that amazing quality has led to her huge success these days! We’ve both been on quite the journey since we met but I have to say, knowing Kay has truly enhanced my life and continues to do so!
Chloe Horton
Thanks so much for sending these over to me. Although I was quiet throughout the reading I got so much from it and was really accurate for my current situation. I have been struggling a lot starting work post degree and have been struggling to verbalise this to people. Ive felt really out of balance and it’s been affecting other aspects of life quite considerably. Hence my silence, I was shocked how relevant it was.
Megan Hall
I met Kay at a networking event, she gave me a wonderful card reading leaving me speechless! Amazing service and wonderful lady! Thanks Kay can’t thank you enough
Joanne Parker
Fascinating and mind-blowing! I just had my first reading with Kay and found it quite extraordinary. I wasn’t sure what to expect but what she told me was spot on. Everything resonated with what is happening in my life and how I am feeling. It’s definitely made me curious to know more.
Alona M Ashkenazi
I really enjoyed learning in both of the sessions with Kay. I was curious yet sightly nervous about my very first reading although I needn't have worried. Kay put me at ease very quickly and explained the process at the start. The reading I received was fascinating and stunningly accurate! I enjoyed the session very much and gave me a lot to think about. My second session was reaffirming rather than uncovering new aspects. However, it was enlightening. This session took place on Zoom so I can watch it back in my own time. Thank you Kay, I'm sure there will be a third reading to be booked soon. If your interested on finding out more I would highly recommend that you book a reading with Kay, the Soul Mechanic.
Zoe Wadsworth
I have had several readings from Kay now and each time I am blown away. She always seems to know what is going on in my life, even though I am private person and as my family would say, puts up a good front even in times of adversity. So for Kay to get every situation each time I have a reading is simply mind blowing. Thanks again Kay for this months reading and I’d highly recommend Kay to my network
Jeff Lloyd
" Had a great insightful reading from Kay which has helped put into perspective in which direction to move forward and into which fields I should focus my energy on!"
John Irvine
"I met Kay for the first time today during an online networking meeting at 4N Online. Kay was the speaker and delivered a Foresight. I have to say that I was blown away. Kay presented the Foresight in the form of a story, that was so inspiring that I was completely engrossed. I can recommend Kay with the highest of confidence."
Jo O'Neil
I am a member of Kay's Hub and it is packed full of useful information and a growing community! Plus there's Q&As, a 121 with Kay and group meditation! I have also had Kay's Kinetic shift which has helped with my chronic pain - I then relax and sleep better! Highly recommended!
Becca Innes
I tried so many things and honestly nothing was working. It was getting to the point I was struggling to function so after a conversion with Kay Downie last Thursday I booked a session with her on Monday. When I say this woman worked magic I’m not joking! I slept really well on Monday night and again last night (although I was up at 5 today). I don’t understand exactly how kinetic shift works, I just know that it does. I only ever shout about things that work, I’m always honest. A spade is a spade with me! Yes I was sceptical, of course I was, I come from a science background but I’m also open minded and never make a decision without trying it for myself. We also worked on a couple of phobias but I’ve yet to be around the things in question. I’ll keep you updated tho… So this week I’m massively grateful to Kay for finally allowing me to get some decent rest
Jaz Goven
Thank you so much for the session yesterday. What a gift and so cool. Today I feel more in my body and that I am no longer being run by my thoughts. So exciting and I'm very grateful for this gift and allowing me to have it yesterday.
SK Google 5.8.23
I was drawn to Kay today whilst visiting the spiritual event in Carmarthen... I cannot thank or recommend Kay enough, she is truly inspiring.
ZS Email 6.6.23
"Absolutely spot on readings... Readings I keep coming back for."
KH Google 11.4.23
Had a lovely one hour card reading with Kay... I can highly recommend Kay’s services.
MH Google 11.4.23
I've had two sessions with kay... Kay was excellent throughout and I would highly recommend this to anyone. Many thanks kay.
CM Email 6.2.23
My Tarot reading really helped me feel more confident... I'd never had a reading before and would recommend it to others who haven't tried it.
DB Linkedin 18.12.22
Had an incredible session with Kay... If you want to understand what the ideas point to, have a 1-2-1 with Kay.
KH Linkedin 4.12
I had a lovely virtual coffee session with Kay last week... Thank you, Kay, for welcoming me to your spiritual circle.
At the start of this year, I set myself the goal of becoming more connected to my spiritual side... And I feel I am part of a community. Kath (member of The Soul Mechanics)
RA Linkedin 28.7.22
I met Kay on an online networking event where she gave a very insightful and passionate chat about her work - great to listen to and very informative and helpful
Google 6.7.22
Firstly I would like to thank Kay for meeting me face to face yesterday... I’m grateful to you for seeing me, it’s certainly gave me some closure.
Facebook KLH 31.5
When did you last take time out for your own mental health? Today I took time four and had a session with Kay Downie. I honestly can’t begin to explain how much better I feel.
IDH Google & Linkedin 19.5
Kay is a knowledgeable and skilled person... I would recommend Kay to anyone looking to search themselves for deeper answers.
Google SC 27.4
Absolutely loved my reading to and everything was on point can’t wait to book in again
Facebook AS 30.3.22
Over the past 2 months I have been having kinetic shift therapy from Kay Downie... Thank you Kay for changing my life for the better
KP Google 26.1.2022
Kay Downie is an amazing lady who offers a unique, personal, caring service... Amazing value for a high quality service.
Email 21.5.22
Hi Kay, we’ve noticed a big difference in our son today, not sure what you’ve done but it seems to have worked. Much appreciated
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